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03 Feb 2015

Arabic Google

How to search in Arabic language

There are about 200,000,000 Arabic speakers in this world, and many of them live in Western countries. How can they use Google in Arabic, and how can they write Arabic search terms into the search field?

Although Google offers versions of its search for Arab countries, such as "google.com/?hl=ar" for Saudi Arabia, some would like to have a better virtual keyboard with bigger keys and letters and a keyboard layout more similar to the standard one.

This is were the new service [Read more]

01 Jun 2014

Preventing Screenshots?

How to protect your pictures from being stolen

Protecting web pictures from being stolen via screenshots is considered to be impossible. But maybe there is a way after all.

As one has to admit, this is not a pure JavaScript solution. Perhaps it is no solution at all. It is rather a suggestion or an idea. The expected result is neither perfect nor free from disadvantages, but is expected to make picture stealing far more difficult than the common methods, especially if combined with other, well-known meth... [Read more]

06 Jun 2012

Text Cursor Management with JavaScript

Take control over the text cursor!

Finally, you can let your script paste any text copied by the user, move the text cursor in input fields to any position you whish, remove selection marks or restore them.

If you were looking a long time for ways of text cursor handling in JavaScript, probably your search has come to an end. Turboid provides you with several functions you can control the text cursor with. Some of them are explicitly for input fields ans text area elements, other are appliable on the rest of the document.

T... [Read more]

Syntax solutions
27 May 2012

Turboid Event Management

A short reference

Turboid offers a special object called "Event", which in turn offers very useful functions allowing you to manage your event handlers in a quite comfortable way.

This article is a reference which lists the functions belonging to the Turboid event management. Its functions are Event.add(), Event.set(), Event.drop(), Event.exists(), Event.guard(), and [Read more]

Syntax solutions
08 May 2012

Better Event Management for JavaScript

Now add event reactions afterwards or replace or drop them

Professional interactive web applications not only need the concept of event handlers, but also a good and comfortably usable event handler system for adding with hindsight functions to the same event handler or dropping or replacing some of them. Is such a thing possible with JavaScript?

In JavaScript you can tell the browser to do something as soon as the user does something or another event occurs. The most simple way to implement this is visible in the following example, which tells the browser to deliver a message every time the user clicks into the document:

document... [Read more]